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Why you should purchase AAP R/4(R) Accounting Professional instead of others?

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1. AAP R/4(R) bypasses all the conventional procedures of accounts posting and closing while generating all the required reports for the management. As such, there is no need to close the previous month's account set before you could proceed to enter the transactions of the current month.

2. AAP R/4(R) eliminates the need to switch from one module to another in order to enter different types of data collected through business transactions.

3. To use AAP R/4(R), you need not be a computer expert or qualified administrative staff with hefty accounting experience. AAP R/4(R) ensures that it is so simple and user-friendly that simply any person could read the basic data from their business, will be able to use AAP R/4(R) to analyze the data.

4. AAP R/4(R) is comprehensive and yet not complicated. You don't need months of lessons before you could actually understand AAP R/4(R). Any layman without any computing experience will be able to understand the basic behaviour of AAP R/4(R) within an hour and master it within a day.

5. AAP R/4(R) comes with FREE training (depending on the country you are residing in), which will be conducted on-site at your office after purchase. There is no restriction on the number of users attending the training. It also come with an introductory support via telephone, fax or email.

6. AAP R/4(R) is a true 32-bit Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/98/95/ME application. It is a realtime system where all transactions are posted instantaneously (records get updated the moment data are keyed-in). It is a multi-currency system and it caters to standalone and multi-user network environment.


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