Home FAQ Why is it that there are software in the market that is selling at less than S$500?
Why is it that there are software in the market that is selling at less than S$500?

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Well... basically, it will be up to you as the customer to analyze and decide on the type of software and service that you would like to acquire for your business.

Essentially, you should ask vendors of that cheap software:

01. Some of the Accounting Software cannot run on Windows VISTA Operating System? Did the vendor state clearly in their quotation that their software could be installed into Windows Vista Platform? Else, they may charge you again when you opt to upgrade to Windows Vista eventually.

02. Does the system allow you to amend the operational reports? Can you change the reporting format of Customer Invoices, Delivery Orders, Packing List, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, Vouchers, Purchase Orders...by yourself without having to pay the vendor for modification charges? Our report writer enables you to amend and create as many operational reports as you like; whereas other competing software have to charge and amend such reports for you, especially after they amended the initial sets of reports for you. That is why most customers prefer our system against our competitors.

03. Is your system limited to entry of certain number of transactional records only? There are many vendors in the market that sell their accounting packages at a very low price by limiting the number of records you can enter for your business. Subsequently, when your business operation exceeded the limited number of records you are allowed, they will charge you a ransom for increasing the number of records allowed.

04. Must you pay each year to get a new code in order to use the system? There are vendors who make customers pay every year before issuing a yearly code to them; allowing them to use the system. In such case, off course they can afford to sell the system at very low price, because you have to pay them in order to use the system each year.

05. Is the vendor selling the software also the developer of the software? If not, what if they were to lose their product agency or distribution rights?

06. Is the accounting software is full system with Inventory/Stock Control? Some system does not have the inventory control module. Other vendors also practise commercial gimmicks such as quoting the software price by modules. After purchasing, you will find out the system is lack of some modules. The price of your entire set of accounting package becomes 'astronomical' when you total up the cost of different modules.

07. Our software is normally quoted with onsite training included (Without limiting the number of staffs attending the training). Some vendors tend to quote their software prices without training or by limiting maximum of 2 staffs attending the training, in order to make their software price seem cheaper than ours. Eventually, when you confirm their software, they will indicate to you that the training sessions have to be quoted and charged separately.

08. How they usually close the year-end accounts? Our AAP R/4 (R) system allows you to automatically roll forward the entire set of accounts to the next financial year.

09. How does the system handle the debtor schedules and creditor schedules? Our AAP R/4 (R) system will roll forward your schedules automatically to the new financial year.

10. How does their system handle the gain/loss in foreign exchange? Our AAP R/4 (R) system automatically handles gain/loss in foreign exchange for you.

11. How does their system handle data backups? Our AAP R/4 (R) system provides you with a user-friendly backup executive application to relieve you from such chores.

12. How does their system handle the Product ID? How do they usually track the products sold? How does their system handle the price group?

13. How does their system handle multi-language? Does the system allow entry of Chinese, Thai, Burmese or other double byte characters? Our AAP R/4 (R) system allows you to enter your data in double byte character such as Chinese.

There are many more questions that you could possibly ask. But, nevertheless, getting us to show you a no-obligation DEMO will possibly the best way to convince you the superiority of our software, in terms of price and value.


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