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I can easily install pirated copies of very expensive accounting software, why should I buy yours?

AccPro Singapore (AccPro Computer Systems Pte Ltd)

Well... you can certainly install pirated copies and continue to use them. But... you have to bear in mind that such actions are violations of the copyright laws and intellectual property law.

Singapore government introduced the new IP Law (Intellectual Property Law) on 1st January 2005. Such law enables law enforcers to have more rights when they are fighting against intellectual products piracies.

By simply paying us, you are purchasing our accounting software that had been proven to be competitive and easy to use. Using a licensed software will prevent you from being charged in court for violating copyrights.

Being in the market for more than 15 years, you know clearly that we have been here, we are here, and we will be here, to serve you.


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